Striated Voluntary (Skeletal) Muscle Tissue

Striated Voluntary (Skeletal) Muscle Tissue

The striated muscle tissue, which is under the control of the somatic nervous system; meaning it is voluntarily controlled. As their name suggests, most skeletal muscles are attached to bones by groups of collagen fibers known as tendons. In lupus sufferers the striated muscle tissues are weakened that results in the loss of control of the tendons that they are attached to.

In this image I have used a combination of red and orange gels to replicate the colours of the muscle sample and to produce the emotional effects the illness has on that particular part of the body. The red tones that have been cast onto the subject represent the aggression and intensity the condition has on the muscles, while the orange represents the amount of energy that is drained from the damage done to the muscle. However the yellow tones provided by the lichen represents the hope that each sufferer has, that their ailments will subside in time.

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