Arteries are the blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart. While most arteries carry oxygenated blood, there are two exceptions to this, the pulmonary and the umbilical arteries. The effective arterial blood volume is that extracellular fluid which fills the arterial system. This gives an example of how the illness is spread around the human body and how the effects of the illness are so vast, and how it can affect so many different areas of the body. The arteries are what carry the illness throughout the body.

In this image I have used the forms produced in tree bark to create the visual texture of an arterial wall. Using the fungal growths in the sunken sections of bark to replicate the appearance of red and white blood cells that pass through the arteries, using the red coloured gel to highlight certain aspects of the fungus, to embody the red platelets, while using the natural collections of fungus to signify the white blood cells.

The red and orange gels to replicate the colours of the blood stream and arterial walls and to produce the emotional effects the illness has on a person suffering with the illness. The red tones that have been cast onto the subject represent the aggression and intensity the condition has in the blood, while the orange represents the red platelets.

Lupus, Artery, Antigens, Antibodies, Autoimmune, Invisible Illness, Invisible, Hidden, Chronic, Illness, Anti-Bodies, Lupus UK, South Wales Lupus Group, Wales, Abstract, Macro, Photography, Amniguous, Ambiguity, Metaphor, Landscape as a Metaphor, Metaphoric, Embody, Embodiment, Red, Orange, Anger, Aggression, Intense, Intensity, Natural, Manipulated, Botanics, Trees, Bark, Decay, Illness in the Landscape, Disease, Landscape

© All Rights Reserved.
© Emz Powell Photography

I hope you like my work so far, please comment and share your opinions of my practice, do you think my photographs will help raise awareness for #Lupus? Please let me know! Also if there’s anyway that you could help spread my project around that would be amazing!

I plan on posting one of these a week as long as my health doesn’t put a block on it, although I will do my best not to let it stop me!

Hope you like them!!


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