Activated Platelet

‘Activated Platelets’ is an image taken from my series ‘Anti-Bodies’.

This image depicts one of the effects lupus has on the blood stream.

Lupus causes complications with multiple sections of the body, a part that is affected are the platelets.
The platelets are the clotting agents of the body and stop bleeding from a wound, in Lupus the platelet count is sometime lower than that of someone of good health.

This image uses the landscape to depict the platelet in its activated form for when the clotting process is occurring. The use of coloured lighting expresses the struggle of the activity and how aggressive the cells have to react within the body of a Lupus sufferer.

Lupus, Activated Platelet, Immune System, Immune, Antibodies, Antigens, Autoimmune, Invisible Illness, Invisible, Hidden, Chronic, Illness, Anti-Bodies, Lupus UK, South Wales Lupus Group, Wales, Abstract, Macro, Photography, Amniguous, Ambiguity, Metaphor, Landscape as a Metaphor, Metaphoric, Embody, Embodiment, Red, Orange, Anger, Aggression, Intense, Intensity, Natural, Manipulated, Botanics, Trees, Bark, Decay, Landscape, Illness in the Landscape, Disease

© All Rights Reserved.
© Emz Powell Photography

#Lupus #AntiBodies #Autoimmune


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