The Health Update

Well over the period from my last post, I haven’t stopped (apart from the two weeks where I was full of a cold and couldn’t get out of bed!). Everything has been jam packed in my new project, getting back and forth to my hospital appointments and fighting this awful fatigue and everything else with Lupus and Rheumatoid!

Well, lets get the easy bit out of the way, my health has been like a roller coaster over the last few months, one day I’ll be fine, then the next I’ll be confined to bed or the sofa! Then I’ll be fine again or I’ll be energetic and in pain the next.. I’m still suffering terribly with sunken knuckles which has caused issues in my wrist as well, here’s one way you might be able to imagine the problem, you know when you put the tip of your thumb to the tip of the index finger while arching them and it makes that O shape… well I can’t even do that with it, I get something more like a D, it’s so bad I even struggle adjusting the focus or zoom on my camera! That doesn’t come on it’s own mind, recurring problems with my knee, hip and back do make things difficult however, I will overcome these like I have everything else that these autoimmune diseases have thrown at me! I’m actually thankful that the rheumatology nurse has been understanding of these problems and is trying to sort out hand therapy and physio to try and sort everything out! Plus they changed my tablets! To try and stop the disease progression! Although they haven’t been to nice to me as of yet, got to give them a chance to settle though!