Just a little catch up(maybe a long one… :)) it’s been a while…

Well after a long year of degree work, which I had me first set of firsts in!!!! \^__^/, myself and my partner took a well deserved break to Egypt. Right now I’ve been dreaming of going to Egypt since I was about 13/14, my bedroom is absolutely smothered in ornaments replicating Egyptian artefacts, one of which is a 6’3″ sarcophagus(which is a dvd/cd unit)!!! So you can only guess how excited I was!
So I’ve just found out that I’ve had a first in the three projects for this year of my course, my run of ill health(granted my health will never be perfect) has taken a massive turn for the better, so much so I’m actually going full time for my third and final year at Coleg Sir Gar(think I might be insane), and finally I have been on my dream holiday to Egypt!!!!!! Well I’m not going into too much detail about it at the moment as I am still in Egypt, with a long wait ahead of me(as my flight isn’t until 9 UK time) and then a tiresome night and day worth of travel, I want to enjoy this last day as much as I can, and just to keep you updated slightly so you know what I’m going off about in my next post, which will be a doozy!!!! Got a lot to cover in that one :).
Speak to you soon!!!