This Term so far… and the last three weeks…

Right, I can’t remember what my last post was about, but I do remember telling you all that I would be updating my blog more often… However, this hasn’t been the case… My excuses being, Lupus has been rearing it’s ugly head yet again! Along with it’s partner in crime Rheumatoid Arthritis! I’m pretty sure I mentioned this in the last post, I’ve been so ill since September again, I’ve hardly managed to do anything again! It’s been so frustrating, I didn’t make much of the first term (September to December). When January came I refused to miss anymore, so me, being as silly as I am, decided to try and drive from Merthyr to Carmarthen on my own… As my lunch break approached I realised that I had no chance in getting myself home! So what do you do when you’re in a sticky situation… Yell MAMMY!!!!… Ended up having my dad come down and drive my car back… For weeks after that I had to have lift after lift so I could get to Carmarthen, only two weeks in and I concluded that I had enough and managed to get a last minute appointment with the Rheumatologist! Wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but I got there \^_^/ ‘triumph dance’!!! As soon as I told him how bad things were, ha made to adjustments and additions to my meds, four days later (when I actually got the new stuff) I began the new meds and in the morning, there was an instant difference! I couldn’t get over it! I still can’t even now, and that’s about 6-7 weeks ago now! I’m still feeling great (minus a few niggles in the hands, feet and hip, but the hips another story..) so after all that suffering it was just the need of one new thing, why didn’t the just do that in the first place! Oh well must not dwell on those things, either way I feel GREAT!!!!!!!!! Even been getting myself to uni for the past 4/5 weeks =] and I’ve managed a 13 mile bike ride which I did not think I’d be able to do and I’ve taken Stormie out!

But that’s enough of that now, think I rambled a bit too much on that as it is! Now for the degree work thus far! =]

This terms module, Cinematics! Sounds fun yeh? Well, it is! I’m more or less half way through it now and it’s great! Really enjoying it, it is a challenge, I’ll tell you that, regardless I’m enjoying it!

So the project is split in two part, the first part, you have to pick a film you like and chose three stills from that one film, that show the narrative of the film, I would say quite clearly so that you can figure out what on earth is going on in that shot, a good ambiance so that you can get an understanding of the mood, atmosphere and general feel, and then the aesthetics, so that the image flows as well as a film.

My film choice was, The Call.


I thought it was a great film, which led me to think it’ll be a good candidate for my cinematics module. So watching the film, which probably took me 2 hours more than what it should have to actually watch it, I screen shot every scene I though was interesting and managed to narrow it down to my final three and with those I got my images too. =]

Just for you to have a peek and possibly give some feedback on, here they are.

Still from the film.
Screen Shot 2My image.The Car Boot Scene for Upload

Image from film.Screen Shot 1My ImageScreen Shot 2014-02-19 at 14.25.50

Still from film.Screen Shot 3 My image.Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 19.57.23Every change in my images when compared to the original have been intentional, to aid the singular image, giving you a better idea of the story or the characters in the image. Through the series I have experimented with different lighting techniques and methods, in order to achieve my outcomes.

I know that little bit by there is a little vague, but I have moved on from it now, and I am focusing on my next project, which I think I might just keep under wraps until it’s finished… Hmm yeh, I think I’ll do that for now, so I’m going to leave this as it is and get back to sorting my story board out =].



Random reading

This is only a short moan and question for you all:
I was just having a nose through my Facebook, and seen this comment on someone’s post:
Disabled people can’t use Photoshop, Photoshop is for young people!
What about young people who are disabled? Are we not supposed to live like normal people? How could that be a valid comment? I’m a 22 (well almost 22, 21 until next Thursday) year old, photographer, yes I use Photoshop, yes I am disabled, I know I don’t look it, but I am. That comment has seriously just got to me, disabilities are not just for old people, there are many debilitating illnesses around that effect anyone! Aaarrrgghh!!!!!!!!!!!!

There might be another post later that’s a bit more positive haha!