2013’s Gone, Hello 2014!

Well 2013 was another tough year! Had some serious battles with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, flare after flare, infections to the max, torn ligaments and sprained wrists, unable to drive, coughs and colds throughout the year and hardly no energy to go with it all. Despite all that, I got through it! I managed to get through another year of my degree, got the results I wanted (granted I couldn’t get there half of the time…), managed to get on a holiday (which was nice and relaxing, except for the beds…), a few other trips here and there, most of them exhausting… I managed to compete my ‘Go that extra mile for Lupus’ walk and raised £80 towards Lupus UK research!! Hopefully we raises a bit of awareness for it too!! =].

After getting through all that, I believe that things are on the rise again after hitting the New Year =], regardless of me still feeling rather crummy, I’m feeling positive after my routine hospital appointment. I began my approach in getting my medication changed finally after a year of being on it and not having noticed much change to my general health and I was shocked to hear that the consultant agreed with me!!! Asked me to give it a month to make sure this cold gets out the door, then look into the next steps of changing it!!! =] Such a relief!! Specially that I want to get back to uni without doing a dying fish impression when I get home… and not getting back on my feet for a couple of days…

You know what my mother told me when I got back? Those that worry easily look away now!

When I walked into the house my dog was no where to be seen, popped my head around the corner to see my Mam and her partner (Ian) huffing and puffing, all red faced and in a sweat… Storm (my dog) ran off while out on the walk, didn’t tell me that they had her yet and that she was locked out the utility room, for 10 minutes, just carried on telling me where they went trying to find her and finally they said, guess where we found her? 

Bet no one will guess where she was? Waiting outside the front of the house for someone to let her in… Can’t believe her!! Daft dog!! Just glad she actually knows her way home!

Well that’s it for now, should be a few more posts coming up soon, when I get back to uni =]!!!