The Show Must Go On!!!

Ah well, here I am at the moment, feeling massively sorry for myself, with a rather bad chest infection, a slight flare up (affecting my hands…), mothers gone on holiday to San Francisco and I’m on my todd in the house trying to plod on with some uni work, the cat and dog trying to kill each other and I’m thinking, I definitely do not have the  head for this, however ‘the show must go on’ as my deadline is catching up, so I wouldn’t expect much from me on here for the next week or so, AHHHH got to get this done out of the way!!!!!



Well the exhibition was a success, was a great turnout despite a few technical difficulties… Trust the gallery to have a power cut on the morning of the opening, just our luck… However Lynne got the electricians out and managed to get most, of the  lights back on, with the exception of about 6 (I do believe) although thats not really all that important. We all managed to get through it, YES!!!!!!!!! Congrats to us all =D

Heres a few shots of what the ‘stairs’ looked like, with a few of us in there too =].

DSC_0769-Edit-2 DSC_0770-Edit-2 DSC_0771-Edit-2 DSC_0775-Edit-2DSC_0772-Edit-2DSC_0773-Edit-2DSC_0774-Edit-2DSC_0776-Edit-2 DSC_0783-Edit-2

Well that was last Saturday.

Now today I’ve actually managed to finish editing the images for the Creative Design Skills!!!!! Woop woop, just the writing, analysing and annotating to do… Oh the joys that this task brings, hopefully it won’t take me too long to do =]

Heres a little sneak peak.DSC_0459-Edit-3 DSC_0429-Edit With Text

Well that two out of six, might give me something to blog later on in the month XD.

Chow for now.

Just a slightly over sized rant….

Well just my normally 3/4 week blood monitoring hospital appointment, while waiting to be called in there were a couple of elderly ladies sat opposite me and as soon as I sat down I noticed them look at me as if to say ‘I don’t see anything wrong with you’ (the worst part of the illness I think) I really looking down at me, possibly thinking that I was wasting the surgeries time… It really upset me and always does when people look at you that way, but, well as soon as the nurse there asked if everyone was waiting for Rheumatology Clinic where we all nodded simultaneously and I seen the look of embarrassment cross their faces…. All I could think in my head was ‘HA don’t judge me by my appearance, there’s a lot going on under this flesh!’ and it seems to come back to the point that we look fine on the outside but on the inside it’s one hectic mess.

Finally after all that ranting going on in my head I was actually called into the room for my appointment, which just infuriated me even more, going through the motions as always, ‘hows things been?’ the first thing they always ask, no matter how many times you tell them ‘I’m having problems with this, problems with that, blaablaaablaaaa’ they alway come back, keep trying and persevere, it takes time for this stuff to work, I’ve been on this ‘stuff’ for 3 months now and I’ve been on the higher dose for over 3 weeks as well, I’m pretty sure it would have started working, ah well that’s the end of that appointment, also the end of my rant I think. Sorry about that needed a vent =]

Actually had a few minutes spare for this

As promised I got a few shots from the chocolate pieces I had from the Bristol Chocolate Festival =], I still don’t want to eat any of them mind.

What do they actually look like they’re made from? What do you think?

Starting with my favorite =]

DSC_0742-Edit DSC_0743-Edit


Now to get on with some work, not too much left to do.