Well over the weekend a visit to Bristol was in order mainly to go and finally claim Scott’s Christmas present, Starlight Express, honestly I didn’t think I would have enjoyed it so much, although I think the part that really got me exited was the chocolate festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH CHOCOLATE =3 YUM, the one stall there had everything made of the stuff and no I couldn’t resist myself due to the fact that they actually had a camera made from chocolate, just wish I had they money to buy the bigger piece they were amazing, also bought a few other pieces which I will take photos of and post them on here when I get it done, however seeing as though I wiped out my ‘spoons’ again It could take a few days to get done, the only major issue with them, I do not want to eat them….

I’ll get back to you in a day or 2 with those photos =]


Feeling the wear and tear…

Well again I’ve over done it… Can’t seem to get the hang of slowing down…. However with all the work building up and the deadlines getting closer I think I need to carry on, then rest up and recharge my ‘spoons’ (for you who don’t understand that term take a look at it’s in relation to the illness Lupus that I was blabbering on about in my previous post) so if you ever hear me going off about my spoons that’s what it  is about (to think I’ve actually been a bit apprehensive about mentioning all this on here but I’m not too shy about it now =].

Well over the last day or so we’ve had a tad bit more snow…. Oh the joy, makes everything more difficult with getting on with these projects, even though I did manage to get out and take some photos in the snow and managed to get this lovey picture of Storm(my dog).


An Interesting Day(This is a few days late) 20/03/2013

Well its’ been a busy but interesting day, I attended my first Lupus coffee morning
Cardiff Coffee (and Cake) Meeting which was a great experience on my behalf, basically it was a chance for the group of us to have a good rant/moan/groan about how we feel about things, helped vent a lot out, also I have the South Wales Lupus Group Annual General Meeting in Cardiff on Sunday which is another first for me and I think it’s going to be exceptionally interesting =] and for those who have no idea what Lupus is, if you’ve got a few minutes spare take a look at it’s very informal =] (I’m also contemplating starting a second blog relating to Lupus… But I will have to do a fair bit of thinking on that first).

Also I finished my Artist Statement ready for the leaflet that will be available on our exhibition night and actually got to the point where I only have two images left to finish!!!!!! I’m almost there!!! and now I’m going to leave this be and get on with my final bits of work(got to get them done for next tuesday ready to mount =/)

Ahhhh The Exhibition… We’re almost there

Well we’ve got to the point where we’ve all chosen our photos for the exhibition, which are now up on our facebook page Also we got our group artist statement done and sent off along with all the images, press release and poster design to Lynne Crompton (curator of Oriel Q) ready for publicity.



Untitled-1 It’s been a massive learning curve and we’re definitely learning as we go, but also having the chance to exhibit at OrielQ and having the guidance and support of the Lynne Crompton. Giving us a heck of a better chance when we get on and progress towards our careers as photographers and artists.

Absolutely Knackered… I don’t even think that fits the bill!

Another few busy days, haven’t even had a chance to think about this thing… =/, ah well.

Finally got most of the work done for the Creative Design Skills project, I was thrilled when a friend on facebook put me in contact with Former Kick Boxing World Champion Denzil Lawrance, who gave me the opportunity to go to his Kick Boxing class and have his students model for me, I cannot thank them enough for how accommodating, friendly and willing they were to help here’s a lil sneak at one of the shots I got Web copyThat’s one of many photos taken Tuesday night, not finished yet but its a little bit to show for my efforts =D, did I ,mention that the majority of the members hold past titles….

I also had another shoot after a venture to one of my closest friends college gallery opening(which was amazing), with Kick Boxer James Hussy who again was amazing to work with but they are far from finished yet…

Finally I’m one photo away from from getting my numbers for the exhibition work, the only thing left now, is to sew!!!! Not far off now and maybe I can have a chill day XD

Been Busy, Busy, Busy…

Well it’s been a busy weekend for me and a good one, my cousin took my shopping to find something ready for my birthday =D, then after a hours rest I decided to approach my desire to try my hand at astronomical photography… My first attempt, as usual, wasn’t very successful…

DSC_0331I traveled to Port Talbot, to go to the beach to get some thinking it would be dark enough to get a few… But as you can see I got a lot of glare from the lights following the coast.

So I tried a different angle, which I had a lot more benefit from.

DSC_0338 DSC_0341


I even managed to capture some fog in the shot which I found gave the image a more ethereal feel to it.

Following these shots I though about taking a few of the surrounding area(not going to put my favorite photo up, thinking of using it in one of the other projects for uni… maybe) but just for you to get an idea.

DSC_0349Finally at about 11:30pm the decision was made to visit one of my most adored location for star gazing and managed to get this.



Not to sure what to make of it yet… Any views or comments??