Ooooooo yay

Got a busy few weeks ahead getting things sorted for this exhibition…. You know it was rather difficult trying to think of people in my list of friends who would help out, so far the number needed ha been met, just waiting on dates and I’ll be on my way =D wooho!!!!!!!!


Decision Time….

Well I think I’ve decided on what I’m putting in as my piece for the exhibition after some very much appreciated input from my fellow students =] Thanks A Lot!!!!!!!

I decided to go with my embroidered portraits but adding up to 12 more to fill in the A3 space. Think I need to get on with getting some ‘mug shots’ done XD…. but who to use? Thats what I need to figure out….

The Exhibition – Choosing My Piece(s)

Well this has been the hardest part of this module, well for me anyway (not too sure about anyone else). While taking serious thought of my past work I have realised how much confidence I have lost in my own ability, 2012 has seriously knocked me back =/. Although after having a lovely chat with my good friend Jane, I felt a little bit better about myself and some of my work =], during and following our chat I managed to narrow down my choices to a selected 4 possibilities, although I’m still not too sure about them yet.

My one choice is my FMP from college.

DSC_0496 copy copy DSC_0493COPY copy DSC_0200 copy DSC_0266 copy DSC_0378COPY copy DSC_0380COPY copy

The only problem with this choice would be space, as we are limited to a 2 ft wide wall space and I don’t want my photos to be too small.

My second option was to use images from a portrait module from my first year of the degree course.

DSC_1006 DSC_1007 DSC_1008

Along with these three I would be tempted to do another to make it a series of 4.

Third I have chosen my ‘Foot’, although I do not know which I prefer as a photograph the original or the edit, or whether everyone finds it acceptable to present a completely edited photograph?

DSC_0335 Original DSC_0335

Finally I thought of using one of my personal pieces of work, my Mandalas, which I have multitudes of so I’ll just put a few up so you get the idea.

Image1 Image3 mandela 8th part 24 mandela stage 22 diff 1

I have got mini statements to go with all images, I just haven’t a clue which to submit….

1st Year – Practical Photography

Going back into the first year of my Photography Degree, the first module of the course was named Practical Photography. Which involved ‘going back to basics’ where I had to start out with a Pin Hole camera, so I grabbed my shoe box, black spray paint, some glue, black paper and blue tack, and this was the end result.

My pin hole cameraMy Pin Hole Camera

first photo

This is my first photo taken with my pin hole camera…. talk about a failure….

first successful pin hole photo

Now here we have my first successful photo taken, the only issue is, is that the developing machine chewed it up and spat it out(well not literally, I sort of jammed the machine for a good while… whoops) well at least I was getting some where.

pin hole finalpin hole final 1Soon after that I had complete success and came up with my final pieces, YAY!!!! I got there.


Pt 2 – Medium Format Camera

Well this bit was just as much fun as the first part of the project….

used camera

We had a choice between a Mamiya and a Bronica, in pairs Jane and myself chose the Bronica…. chosing this resulted in other little bit that we need too, only due to the tripod we had, we couldn’t actually touch the camera after we had set the aperture and focus up, the remote trigger became our best friend during this bit.

The results from this, I thought were pretty good.

Medium format contact sheet

Contact Sheet of Photos

Negative test medium format negative medium format

Some Negative Prints that I experimented with.

And now the Final Pieces

Medium format cupcakes finalMedium format finalCoins in jar final medium format

Professional Studies – The Exhibition

As a group we arranged a meeting with Lynne from Oriel Q to find out some information on exhibiting our work there for our professional studies project. (Sadly I was unable to attend due to living a fair distance away). So the information I actually have is based on what my fellow students have shared with me.
So all the photographs have to be framed or mounted the same so it looks uniform and more professional.
The prints can either be landscape or portrait up to A3 size, but we could do, two A4 for instance, or four A5 etc.
Also with the space being available during Easter it will ensure that we have plenty of visitors to the town and gallery.
We were advised that as Students we should aim to use the exhibition as a promotional exercise or for our C.V. rather than going in to it with the aim of selling.
Small business cards will be welcome to promote ourselves.

Just a little bit more to fill this up a bit

Foundation Art and Design

After finishing my A Levels I carried on to do my Foundation Diploma at Merthyr Tydfil College, during which we had to begin by drawing and sketching…. my favorite thing in the world, or so I thought, although as the course progressed I started to grow a liking to it. Some of the things we had to do contained sketches from Fantasy Posters to Life Drawings and Mixed Media projects.

Fantasy Poster

Fantasy Poster

Mixed Media 16 Faces

Mixed Media 16 Faces
Mixed Media 1

Mixed Media Tool Study

Ceramics and Textile Projects

Ceramics and Textiles(Rags 2 Runway) Projects

Oil Painting Life Drawing

Oil Painting in Life Drawing

Viewfinder Pencil Sketch Life Drawing

Viewfinder Pencil Study

Viewfinder Oil PaintingViewfinder Oil Life Painting
Water Paint Life Painting

Water Paint over Pencil

Wax and Ink Life Drawing

Wax and Ink Study

Life Drawing Fianl Piece

Life Drawing Final Piece

During the second part of the course we were able to specialize in our areas.

Our first project was the Human Figure;

Human Figure FinalI chose this image as my final piece because of the gross factor of the image, the foot draws you in because it’s unexpected and different.

Secondly we had to do a case study on our chosen artist or photographer, for my project I chose Imogen Cunningham, after looking at her vast variety of work studies I chose to base my own work on her Botanical Studies.

Case StudyFinal Piece

Following this project I had to decide on a conceptual idea, I decided to tackle the environment and pollution caused by littering.

Through the project I took a series of McDonalds Products and randomly placed them in the environment, giving the location a tainted look.


Although when I came to set my final piece up I realized that my photos looked more like an advertisement for McDonalds rather than an attack against littering.

After this I had to do my FMP(Final Major Project) where I decided to do my work on ‘The Little Things We Miss’, so going to some of the popular places around Merthyr and Swansea I came up with these as a Final Piece.

DSC_0496 copy copyDSC_0493COPY copyDSC_0266 copyDSC_0200 copyDSC_0380COPY copyDSC_0378COPY copy

So that sums up my journey through the Diploma.